Saturday, 22 October 2011

The comments start ...

Thank you for the first comments on my blog from Steffen Itterheim and Deniz A. Soykurum Çetin. This was exactly why I started on this journey with this project. I don't profess to know the answers so building a community to help achieve my goal is appreciated and a real motivator.

Steffen mentioned considering Kobold2D ( while Deniz suggested Gideros Studio (

Both certainly worth a consideration so thank you for the input. Has anyone used these and how have you found them to work with?


Danyal said...

Good luck with the game, I'll keep up with your blog!

Kobold2D is based on the Cocos2D framework, which is a popular and stable game engine. I'm using Cocos2D for a project at the moment as well which has to be done by Christmas, and I'm enjoying it. I haven't seen Gideros before - thanks for the link.

Danyal said...

Sorry, just saw you've blogged extensively about Cocos2D! So you know all about that. A couple of other possible engines for your game are Marmalade and Unity.

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