Monday, 24 October 2011

Professional Advice: Zeptolab

I thought it beneficial to get some advice from those in the know. I have contacted a number of well known gaming companies to provide some tips as to what I should consider on my project.

The first to help in this series is Zeptolab.

For those of you who don't know Zeptolab created the highly successful Cut the rope and Cut the rope experiments.

They very kindly spared me some time after I explained my project and what it was I was trying to achieve.

Their first suggestion was to focus on quality. If you haven't read my entry on my chosen game environment this is why I want to focus on the game design and development rather than focusing on learning a programming language.

The second tip was not one that I had considered and that was to launch my title with an experienced and well-known publisher. I will certainly be investigating further to understand the benefits to following this route.

I'll bring you more in this series just as soon as I get more response but thanks again to Zeptolab for taking the time.


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