Friday, 6 January 2012

Professional Advice: Snappy Touch

Continuing my series on professional developers and studio advice,  Noel Llopis of Snappy Touch very kindly took some time out to answer a few questions.

I'm currently doing some beta testing for Noel, using the excellent TestFlight which I will write a separate blog entry on later, and see some parallels to his setup be it that I am some time and experience behind.

If you don't know Snappy Touch are known for the excellent titles of Flower Garden and Casey Contraption's HD  for iPhone and iPad respectively. I asked:

MyGamingProject: What game development tools would you recommend?

Noel @ SnappyTouch: "I'd say get Unity or Flash or Cocos2D and make a very simple clone just to get the hang on it (don't release it). Maybe start with Pong, and then clone something like Tetris. Then you can start making your own, very simple games. Stick to 2D for a while. Actually, for 2D, just stick to Cocos2D."

MyGamingProject: How would you recommend marketing a game, techniques, channels, proposed budget etc

Noel @ SnappyTouch: "Don't worry about marketing, budgets, and all of that until you've worked through your sucky games first.

My budgets have been minimal, and mostly included my time. When I was confident the game was good (Casey's Contraptions) it was OK to spend some money on sound effects and music, but even so, the whole budget for the game was only $1K."

MyGamingProject: How many people make up SnappyTouch?

Noel @ SnappyTouch: "Snappy Touch is just me [Noel]. But I do collaborations with other people, so Casey's Contraptions was a 50/50 collaboration. Flower Garden was all me with the help of a friend graphic designer who took a small percentage of sales.

MyGamingProject: Any additional advice you feel would be of benefit?

Noel @ SnappyTouch: "learn all you can, make all the games you can, and focus on making the games you're passionate about (not the ones that are making most money).

It's an incredible journey, and I'm having the time of my life. Go for it! :-)"

Some helpful advice and insight I'm sure you will agree.

Casey Contraption's HD can be bought for the iPad for £1.99 and and Flower Garden for the iphone for $1.99


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