Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Announcing the The Froglet Collection - beta testers needed

After many, many months of development we are very proud to announce the arrival of 4 new games from Parachuting Frog: The Froglet Collection; Solisqr; TicTacToe and Connect4. A lot of time has been taken to hone and develop our skills and have been keen to develop our own grid framework of which the four games are the fruits of our labour.  For those that know traditional games of TicTacToe and Connect4 these were early learnings to develop and enhance the grid framework before enhancing further.  As more was learnt the design angle and simplicity that was brought with 1800 made these games in their own right fun and enjoyable so felt it only right to launch and share.

All the games are a significant increase in the complexity of our previous games of 1800 and Astavoid with game features including:
  • All new stylish menu system
  • En vogue flat design ideal and in keeping with iOS7
  • Localisation: translated and available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Social gaming with leaderboard, achievements, challenges and turn based interaction with Game Center.
  • Multiple on device and online games modes including: Pass and play, single player with Easy, Medium and hard game modes as well as online play.

The Froglet Collection will be all three mini games available with tier 2 pricing offering all online games modes without limitations and no advertss.

Solisqr, TicTacToe and Connect4 will be free games supported by ads.

Due to the complexities (to us) of the framework we have wanted to launch Solisqr to beta first to test our grid and menu systems as well as the localised translations of our core system.  

To set the scene of Solisqr it is based on the popular board game, Pegged Solitaire or Solitaire. The challenge of the game comes in the form of both completing the challenge of only one peg (or square) remaining in the central position and done in the fastest time possible.

What we are looking for are enthusiastic beta testers that want to play the game early, that speak the languages laid out above and are willing to provide regular feedback to help us weedle out those nasty bugs as well as provide constructive criticism to make this the very best game collection possible.

If you are interested in beta testing then please register here and feel free to ask any questions at


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