Friday, 11 April 2014

Gameaweek #2: LubDub

Following on from my first failed entry I have managed to finish the game this week based on the recently popular Lub v Dub and Jump Chump!.

The principal of the game is to make the coloured blocks jump the green and brown obstacles.  Press "A" key to make the top block jump and the "Z" key to make the bottom one. The principal is to last as long as possible.

Please have a play at and feel free to leave comments below as to ways to improve and things you like and dont like about it.  After all the purpose is to learn as much as possible from GAW.


MagnetiCat said...

Fun! It is very difficult for me, as I suck in all reflex based games, but once you get the hang of the unusual physics you start going with the flow.

I am really undecided if it would be better to make it a bit easier; on one side, frustration and difficulty, and associated steep skill training curve, is what many players want in games of this kind. On the other hand, reducing the hit area of the squares would be a very easy way to reduce the frustration and make the game more accessible.

The game would shine with a Super-Hexagon mode, where the squares follow the rhythm of the soundtrack and there is a predefined succession of squares and patterns, and a finite number of "levels" without interruption.

Would be really nice to test this on a phone with the A/Z control scheme replaced by tap areas.

MagnetiCat said...

and I love the record time in the background and timer in the middle! Cool design.

mygamingproject said...

Thanks MagnetiCat. You make a good point about the tie in to music this is an interesting spin on the genre.

Thanks for your comments

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